Here is a complete list of the Budweiser Collectible Steins that I currently have available. For ordering information, if you have any questions or would like to see the pictures of any of the pieces, please email me at bottom.
Thank you, Tony.


description Suggested retail price

(US Funds)

CS293 Eagle Stein I: Winter $35.00
CS297 Great Smoky Mountains $39.95
CS304 '57 Chevy BEL AIR $49.00
CS308 Africa Stein $49.00
CS336 Working America II $209.00
CS339 Australia Stein $49.00
CS343 1998 Holiday stein $19.00

Asia Stein

CS365 Eagles II: Spring $35.00
CS373 Opera Series: Siegfried stein $169.00
CS377 Antartica Stein $49.00
CS384 Ducks Unlmtd: Mississippi Flyway $50.00
CS397 Ducks Unlmtd: Pacific Flyway $50.00
CS403 '59 Cadillac Eldorado $49.00
CS406 Kenny Bernstein 20th Ann. $50.00
CS418 '48 Buick Roadmaster $49.00
CS420 Everglades $39.95
CS424 Bluebird Stein $60.00
CS440 '64 1/2 Ford Mustang $49.00
CS448 Lighthouses I: Cape Hatteras $150.00
CS450 Dale Earndhart Jr GOLD Lid Comm $75.00
CS452 Eagles III: Summer $35.00
CS459 Champion Series: Hitch Prospect $125.00

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